The eye is unique, like a fingerprint, it identifies the individual and each eye has different shapes, colours and patterns.

Interestingly, despite we look at ourselves in the mirror every single day, we don’t actually see enough of the details and peculiarities of our own eyes.

With this project I am looking for artists, performers, musicians but also very “ordinary” people, to unveil their uniqueness, their passions and dreams and cast the light to showcase their (hidden) potential.

This project started thanks to Joanne, a model and friend of mine, who asked me whether I ever tried this type of photography. Which I didn’t, so I had to try! I took my camera, a macro lens, a small tripod, a speedlite flash and the remote control to try a few tests on me, checking the focus through the rotating screen of my Canon EOS 6D Mark II. And the result was astonishing!

I have “standard” brown eyes but the light reflected in my iris as captured by the macro lens
revealed a bright rusty orange, with all the creases and lines forming some sort of metallic flower.

Here’s the first picture of my own eye, with the frontal element of the macro lens reflecting in the cornea, looking like it’s emerging from the pupil.

Canon EOS 6D MII,
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 IS USM
1/40 sec at f/11

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