Since 2018 I have hosted and led more than 25 photography workshops and numerous individual classes to share my knowledge and help other passionate photographers kindle, build up and evolve their photographic skills and creative mindset.

I teach various photographic styles and techniques such as street photography, abstract, low light conditions, golden hour, blue hour, landscape, action and portrait.

I can teach in English, French and Italian and I can tailor my sessions around the needs of my customers.

Every level from beginner to passionate is welcome here, on each lesson the theory concepts are put to practice through exercises, reviews and open feedback discussions.

There’s three main types of classes I offer:


Private classes tailored around the needs of the individual attendant, designed to cover the fundamentals of photography (composition, camera settings, photo editing).

These classes are ideal for beginners and novice amateurs.

current individual classes

  • Intro to photography

    Let’s break the ice and get confident with camera settings such as Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Manual mode, to make the most of the photographic tool and understand how to drive creativity mastering our camera.

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  • The eye of the photographer

    This course is designed for those individuals who want to better understand the composition techniques and feel the need to re-kindle their creativity, learning to see and frame a compelling image even before clicking the shutter button.

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  • Lightroom Classic

    Learn how to use one of the most versatile and powerful photo editing tools to master your workflow.

    Note: a valid Adobe Lightroom Classic license is required for this course.

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Workshops are group sessions designed for 5 to 10 individuals.

Each workshop is focused on a particular photography style where the participants will learn through theory and practical exercises and will be incentivised to interact and share their feedback when reviewing the final pictures together.

Check this space regularly as I will regularly propose different workshop themes: street, action, night life, golden hour, blue hour, abstract, landscape, etc.

current active workshops

  • street photography

    Street Photography is a very dynamic photographic style which can be as fascinating as challenging due to its natural unpredictability. 

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Let’s take our cameras and go on a hike immersed in nature, learning some tips and tricks and enjoying the experience together in a relaxed environment. Ideal for any level of photographers.

next photowalk

  • Erlach and St. Petersinsel

    Learning photography can be overwhelming due to all the complex technical settings and struggling to find a way to practice the theory.

    Let's meet in Erlach and enjoy a relaxed, easy walk in the beautiful landscapes surrounding Erlach, Bielersee.

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