“We aren’t characters, we’re stories”

A. Baricco, Mr Gwyn

Portrait photography offers multiple powerful possibilities in terms of creative imaging.

Let’s collaborate to craft images that make you look beautiful, feel comfortable in your body and confident in yourself.

I welcome every style, look, gender and body shape. We can choose together the best setup, be it in my studio or an outdoor location and tailor the final result around your unique personality and preferences or you can choose to just let yourself go and be guided by my creative vision, enjoy the experience all along the process from the first introduction to the final output and delivery of the images.

Personal Brand

Personal brand defines who you are and why you are unique, summing up your experience, skills and passion. It is not only how people perceive you, but also what differentiates you from everyone else.

As a former People Manager of a corporate global company, I know very well the importance of good résumé pictures. On top of that, I attended several trainings about self-brand and I loved to work with my direct reports helping them build their own brand image, continuously expanding and evolving their potential.

As a photographer I offer the same concept to my clients: everyone has a unique potential, beauty and talent.

Let’s work together to identify it and translate it into photographs that can boost the perception and confidence in yourselves.

Business portrait

A good candidature requires a smart CV and a good-looking profile picture can help you getting noticed.

In my studio I propose two main types of business portrait photoshoots:

- classic: with white or grey background and standard lights settings

- special: with colored background and light effects to make your self image and brand stand out from the crowd


Abandoned places, industrial sites, graffiti and urban locations in decay can constitute impressive scenarios and I love shooting portraits staged in these locations: we can discuss together to find the best set-up for our session if you love these types of locations too.

NOTE: I will only do shootings in safe locations, open to public and legally accessible, I will not put my clients in danger even if that means renouncing to a good shot!

The main rule is being comfortable and safe at all times!

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