Welcome to my Lightroom Classic course!

This course is for you if:
  • you want to learn how to use one of the most versatile and powerful photo editing tools available
  • you want to master your photographic post-production workflow: import, catalogue, rank, filter, edit, export and print
  • you never used RAW format files and feel it's now the right time to start


I have been studying and using Adobe Lightroom Classic since 2015 and my library of around 60'000 pictures is fully managed through it.

With this course I will be sharing my knowledge and techniques on how to organise and edit images, from basic tuning to more advanced treatments, to let you evolve and add a professional look to your pictures. 

The course will cover various functions:

  • treatments (color, b&w, profiles, white balance, tones, presence)
  • masking
  • presets
  • healing tools
  • cropping and transforming
  • smart collections
  • filters
  • rating and flags
  • editing via external tools
  • importing, exporting
  • key words


Note: a valid Adobe Lightroom Classic license is required for this course.


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