All my life I've always been fascinated by Nature and in most of my pictures, trees have a very important role and space. After working for many years on my other project Poetree (also featured in my website), I started to think of new ways to refresh and continue to pursue my appreciation for trees, this time I wanted to include the human element, merging together landscape and portrait photography. 

After speaking with Faith, my wife, a talented and passionate tattoo artist (links to her IG and website below), we decided to merge our two art worlds together, tattoos and photography, launching our very first collaborative project: Dryad.

Dryads in Greek mythology are nature spirits living in trees.

With this project we look for people passionate about tattoos and nature, to choose their own favourite tree, plant or flower, have a corresponding tattoo designed by Faith, get their skin inked by her and then we'll head outside to take a photoshoot of their tattoo together with the natural element that inspired it.

The best images will then get selected to be presented in a future photography exhibition.

Check Faith's amazing art here:



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My very own tattoo, done by Faith, representing an ivy and a ginko wrapped and coiling in a spiral along my forearm.

Here are some tattoos created by Faith, inspired by trees, plants and flowers.

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