Learning photography can be overwhelming due to all the complex technical settings and struggling to find a way to practice the theory.

With my photowalks I introduce a way to learn photography in a natural and relaxed context, experimenting techniques and helping to memorize the various settings through practical exercises while hiking through the beautiful regions of Jura Bernois and canton Neuchâtel.

This time we're meeting in Erlach, the gateway to the Island of St. Peter in lake Biel, natural reserve with its changing colours through the seasons of the year. 

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Meeting point: Erlach, Parkplatz Seestrandweg (car park near the lake)
Duration: 3hr
Equipment required: a reflex or mirrorless camera, any kind of lenses are welcome, bring your favourite(s)
Difficulty level: easy countryside hike


Backpack to carry your photographic gear, proper hiking shoes, plenty of liquids to drink, appropriate clothing based on the season and weather (ex. weatherproof extra layers, hat, sunglasses, etc.), food or snacks.

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