Italian-born photographer (Vicenza, Veneto), currently based in Switzerland (Plateau de Diesse, BE).

After working 15+ years in IT consultancy and team management, my job got impacted by the post-pandemic adverse effects on economy, yet I saw this as an opportunity to embrace a career change and evolve my passion for photography into my own business.

about me

My name is Tommaso and my photo journey starts in the late 70s when I first touched and held a photo camera, a compact film Polaroid Revue Pocket 10.

I still remember its bright orange shutter button and the soft “click” it made when pressed to take a picture and the rotating plastic gear to make the film advance to the next frame. I am not sure I ever took any actual picture with it, but I loved clicking the orange button and taking pictures with my imagination.

When I was 9 years old, my dad bought me a compact film camera, the Olympus AF-10 with its fixed 35mm f 3.5.

My family had a motor home back then and my dad, mum and I used to travel all over Europe during the summer holidays.

I started using my camera to take images as memories of our travels and the compact Olympus was always by my side in many adventures.

Afraid of the idea that memories faded away with time, I was constantly taking pictures.

I loved the sea, the sunsets, the silhouettes of trees and if I didn’t have my camera with me or if the film roll was finished, I used to close my eyelids to “print” the image in my mind so that it could not fade away.

In my teenage years, I used to write poems, short stories and songs using paper and ink.

When I grew up and stopped writing, I felt the urge to express myself in new ways picking up the camera and seeking the light as a form of Art.

Then I never stopped writing really... I just evolved my tools, replaced the ink with light and the paper with the film rolls.

With time I got more and more impassioned about taking pictures, so my best friends bought me a Minolta reflex film camera when I graduated from University in 2002. It was the best present ever! I could finally leverage on the full manual settings to make the most of my imagination and creativity.

Today I fully switched to Canon equipment and I love to explore different photographic styles: landscapes, macro, abstract, street, live events and portraits.

Everything always starts with an emotion that I like to capture and freeze in time, writing stories with light.