Street Photography is a very dynamic photographic style which can be as fascinating as challenging due to its natural unpredictability. 

Set on an ever-changing stage (the street) with its actors in continuous movement (the passers-by) the world of street photography requires technical knowledge, constant awareness of the surrounding scenery, good instinct and fast reflexes but most of all preparation, dedication and respect for the privacy of others.

I have hosted several street photography classes since 2018 and each one was a completely different and exciting experience.

My methodology involves ice-breakers and practical exercises mixed with fundaments of the photographic technique and important preliminary “street-etiquette” rules to behave respectfully and carefully on the streets.

Classes are for 1 to 5 people max. and can be reserved and planned with at least 3 weeks’ notice.

Please fill in the form below for bookings and questions or click here to go back to all other classes.

Location: Biel/Bienne
Duration: 3hr
Equipment required: a reflex camera, a zoom lens (example 24-70mm); prime lenses (i.e. fixed focal length) are also ok (example 35mm or 50mm)
All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced


Darker clothes, comfortable walking shoes, liquids to drink, appropriate clothing based on the season and weather (ex. weatherproof extra layers, hat, sunglasses, etc.), snacks.

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