My former employer was a global corporate company and we used to celebrate and promote important business initiatives to highlight the evolution of the enterprise vision and mission.

Be it personal or company achievements, every milestone reached was promoted through visual campaigns to create awareness across all hierarchy levels as well as outside of the enterprise walls.

If you own, manage or work for a company and are looking for ways to improve your image visibility, I’d be delighted to photograph and report memorable visual stories such as:

  • Launching or revamping an independent business activity

  • Personal branding (including résumé photos)

  • Promotions, certifications, milestone achievements

  • Team building events

  • New services or product offering showcase

  • D&I initiatives

  • Company events

We can brainstorm and define a roadmap on how to embark and walk together through this type of professional journey: please fill in the form below with your details and idea and I'll be in touch to book a first meeting session.

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